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frigging just spent the night reading part of Togainu no Chi with sammy and lauren over a skype call, oh god my throat hurts its 2:30 am why am i up. the fucking dialogue. fucking akira. there was while where i was voicing too many characters (though lauren was doing the narration god that was a lot of text) hahahaha goddamn, it was great though. i need to friggi ng sleep.


there he go



i hope you are happy with your life decisions

I don’t know about you but I am please with myself

You misspelled Pleased LARON

sammy why did you tag me #dumb shit

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Delfino Plaza | Koji Kondo
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Delfino Plaza // Super Mario Sunshine

last night while i was on a call with lauren and  sammy i did a couple of half-awake doodles (both of them are technically related to the domestic parents kyouten au, the first one being a thing that might happen soon in rp and the second being yet another drawing of how endou imaged the fish people looked [ijustlikedrawingreversemermaids])